All about Today Kinda

IMG_5835Todays episode is all about today in history, some facts to get you through any convo. Ok not any conversation but they are for sure starters and enders my specialty. check these videos out whether you listen or not

Yes! Yes! Yes! The Three Little Pigs

These Papers Might Make you Cry

IMG_5835Since my news normally confuses I thought why not just read some actual fake news. Then I saw a story about Trump pouring milk on a bowl of Skittles and I was sold. Today I bring you some stories from The Onion I included some of the great pics from some of the headlines I read below. Enjoy!

Venture Outside At Your Own Risk



Happy almost weekend everyone! its a 3 day for Americans so I went hunting i.e. smoking and looking up shit on the google for the best movie examples of bad shit that happens outside. I’m a great big fan of inside stuffs and if you are too you’ll dig this episode. If you’re not maybe you’re looking for some reasons to be. Almost all of these movies are on Netflix. Listen to the episode and marvel at the below. Or just marvel.





May I 4th Star Wars Day on You?

What up nerds? probs your dicks cause its Star Wars Day!!!!! ahahahha! Now this episode isn’t really you its for all my wanna be Star Wars Nerds. Us cool kids just trying to fake it in this new dork world. So listen to me talk about some other peoples versions of Star Wars Stuff!

Rolling Dem Fox Papers Maybe Apr 25th

IMG_6073I’m not quite sure what the date is but I am 100% sure this episode is completely Jenuine. It isn’t easy being this dumb so listen to a master work an accent and an app like a boss!

Happy HerbDay to You!

IMG_5776Its 420 so you know what that means?! ya I’m putting out a super Jenuine Episode just for you! Lists, Lists, Lists! I did my best to find the best of “stoner” movie & tv. So give it a listen and tell me what they and me and weed missed.

Rolling Papers- BBC Apr 14th


BBC Android App Apple it BBC News

Tune in or read along with the links above. If you get there fast enough the news might still be the same. On second thought just ignore the link, pack a bowl and lets do this!

Unlikely duos in this weeks episode

IMG_6476Sometimes when you love something you can’t imagine it being even better. Until you combine two things you love and boom! some sort of weird magic is born. That’s the unintentional theme of this week’s Weekend Reeferals

To quote my favorite episode of MTV’s hit show from the golden era of reality dating television…Next. “This game combines two things I love water & golf. It’s called water golf.” Do you remember that show I’m just going to quote Wikipedia-

“Next”, deals with a single person, going on blind dates with possibly 5 other single people who were secluded on a RV, referred to as the “Next Bus”. The added twist was that the date could end at any time by shouting “Next”.

These speak for themselves.

Weekend Reeferals- Baskets/Banks & Steelz

Welcome to the first episode of Weekend Reeferals this episode I will be talking about  Fx’s Baskets & the music of Banks & Steelz.

When in doubt I Gif it out…

There’s just too much Baskets I could add but listen so these pics make sense


When you’re done here check out Chips Website thanks FX Renoir the Cloun

Afternoon Re-Lights: Missing Richard Simmons

IMG_6239On today’s  inaugural Afternoon Re-Lights episode is all the flamboyant fitness phenomenon Richard Simmons! Listen to me tell you all about why you should listen to Dan Taberski new ish podcast. Missing Richard . Com


Rolling Paper: NYT Weedition


2nd episode of Rolling Papers is here! No accent today guys(maybe next time)while I attempt to read the New York Times. You can download the NYT app Here and read along or just be confused with me.

Pizza Tables?! & Have To’s, Ugh!


On this mini-sode  I’m Bitchin’ about Pizza Tables & Have To’s. Two things that are near and dear to my heart, pizza and laziness. So even if you aren’t into whining while we wmoke weed (not a typo) check out the all new mini-sode of Jenuinely High!

As promised the horribly offending Pizza Hut pizza table. Also shout out to Cobblestone Pizza in Newport OR for their Pizza Triangle & amazing pizza YumIMG_6321

If you love me & my podcast even a lil here the perfect way to show you care buy me a pizza chair!!!!!! Here Buy Now


First Episode of Rolling Papers!


I’ve been up for hours scouring the internet for the best news to confuse for you! Actually I woke up smoked some bowls, had a cup of coffee. And to be honest the news is the news unless you read it with an accent and just parts of it. Today’s episode I read the main page of the free Fox News App for well today. Get it here kinda

We Did It! Kinda Maybe


The All New Really Dumb, Really High, Real Jenuine Podcast is finally here! It’s the thing you never knew you always wanted. This is barely an episode it’s just me giving you a lil run down of how things around here are going to work. Also all rules, regulations, songs, accents & graphics are subject to my boredom level. Hope you enjoy!

Bitchin’ Baked

IMG_5832This is the real reason I created the podcast so I could maximize my complaining potential. Give me a topic, word and I’m sure I’ve got something negative to say…check back for what’s Grinding My Gears(stolen from Family Guy) soon…

Rolling Papers – News to Confuse


What’s better than the news? Someone reading just the headlines, excerpts and unhelpful photos with accents. If you agree you’re in the right place. If you don’t agree well…I got nothing for ya.